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March 16, 2020
Whittards Tea
Whittards Tea

There's nothing better than getting home and curling up with a mug of something warm and tasty. I've been a coffee drinker for years but only recently have got into drinking loose leaf tea. Before I was a PG Tips girl through and through. I worked with Adagio Teas a few months ago (post here) and they really opened my eyes to just how tasty loose leaf tea is. Since then I've been trying different kinds whilst out and purchasing some to keep at home. These are my latest additions to the now overflowing cupboard. Shockingly, I've never tried anything from Whittards before. 

Whittards Tea

I'm a loud and proud pumpkin spice latte lover which meant when I spotted this in store it went straight into my basket. At home, I only drink black coffee and this one is amazing. There's a spiciness to it that really helps wake you up in the morning. It's such a nice treat to be able to do a cafetiere sometimes.

Whittards Tea

Well...I didn't manage to drink this. I couldn't. The tea smelled lovely in the packet, I got my pot ready and poured in the water. Genuinely, this then smelled horrendous. I took the pot into my Dad and asked him what it smelled like. Vom, he replied, the same thing I thought. I tried to find reviews to see if this was the general consensus but the product isn't on the Whittards site any more.

I couldn't bring myself to drink this.

Whittards Tea

I can't explain the smell of this when I first opened the packet. It was like some sort of sugary sweet. Absolutely lovely. The taste is just as wonderful too. It's very fruity with a warmth that comes at the back from the vanilla. I'll be stocking up on this one for sure.

Whittards Tea

Whilst in the store I signed up to their reward system which means you get points when you spend and also sample packs. This was the contents of my first one and I think it's such a clever idea to be able to try some before you commit to purchasing full-size versions.

Have you tried anything from Whittards?

What did you think?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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