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April 24, 2018

I love a good matte lip but there is nothing worse than on the 6th hour of your shift that you can feel it start to all fall to bits. You've had your dinner and reapplied, the morning coffee also took a toll on what was once a perfectly applied lipstick and after a few reapplications everything all got a little gloopy...but at the same time very dry and crumbly? It's like liquid lipsticks exist outside the realms of physics.

Then we have the magical invention from our good friends Colour Pop. Ultra Satin Liquid Lips. They don't completely dry down, nor are they kiss, eat, drink proof. However, they certain dry more than a regular cream lipstick. They last fantastically...whilst simultaneously getting on everything. Like I said. Physics doesn't apply. You can reapply and reapply without them every feeling gloopy and THEY DON'T CRUMBLE DOWN YOUR FACE. This is my biggest nightmare with matte lipsticks.

From left to right the colours I currently have are Lost, Frick N Frack and Cosy. I think these are my most worn lipsticks from the every growing draw. The colour pop name has rubbed off most of the tubes! For $6 these are phenomenal.

Have you tried the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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    Pamela Alvarado
    April 25, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    UTRA SATIN LIPS ARE THE BEST EVER. Really since I discovered them, I haven’t looked back. I first ordered the Up and Away bundle, which came with two matte ones and one satin lip. I loved all the shades but yeah, the mattes sometimes worked and sometimes they made me look like I was a crumbling witch XD. So next time I just started looking for Satin formulas. Now I own 5 satin liquid lips and I have no regrets!

    I also own Frick n’ Frack and it’s awesome! Plus Callypso (so good for day to day!), Jacquard (It was a miss for me, expected it to be less orangey), Exaggerated (Purrfect orangey shade), and most recently, Tansy, the new favorite. I’d been looking for a shade that would resemble the matte ones I’d gotten in that first bundle I’d gotten and found Tansy to be perfect!

    I’m Colourpop obsessed XD

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      Katie - A Novel Idea
      April 28, 2018 at 9:00 pm

      I love both formulas but I feel you on the crumbly witch issue.

      Frick N’ Frack is my favourite, it’s so versatile. I need more colours for sure.

      Katie x

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