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Twice Magic* by Cressida Cowell

October 1, 2018

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This series just makes me smile. It's so sweet and pure...even though theres evil witches and all that. The second book of the Wizards of Once series has everything that the first had, and more besides. Cressida has expanded the world both geographically and also in regards to both the lore and rules. We see Wish, Xar and there merry bunch of misfits on another adventure travelling across a British Isles that was so old it didn't know it was the British Isles. We're introduced to new characters and also new stories. That's one of my favourite things about this series, the stories within the story. How we find out about the past of this world via new characters. Like the Giant in the Castle of Death, the Droods.

My favourite scene from the book is by far the Night out of Time. It was such a lovely few pages that couldn't help but make me smile.

Oh and Lonesome the Werewolf was adorable.

I ended up talking to someone about this book and when I mentioned how much I loved it their first response was 'it is a children's book...right?' Without missing a beat I replied it is indeed and a brilliant one. There are so many instances where I find myself talking to someone about the 'intended' ages of a book. When I recommend one aimed at a slightly younger or even the same age, a relative often replies "well they're a very good reader". I'm sure they are, but this is a very good book and fits the criteria I was given. There should be no limit put on the age at which you can consume a story. Aside from the age rating that indicates if a book contains sensitive material.

At twenty one I adore reading childrens' books, I find their stories to be full of whimsy and so pure. That doesn't mean that my reading age is that of a twelve year old, I'm currently studying Literature at University. It simply means that this was a brilliant book and I loved reading it.



Name: Twice Magic*

Author(s): Cressida Cowell

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Pages: 442


Rating: 4.5/5

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