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Top 5 Wednesday: Hate To Love Ships

September 13, 2017

What is Top 5 Wednesday?

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. Here is the link for the Goodreads group where you can find the list of topics and such. 

Hate to Love Ships

2. Six of Crows* by Leigh Bardugo

Nina and Matthias are more a love to hate to love pair. They are precious and I will protect them forever. I don't blame Nina for how she betrayed Matthias prior to Six of Crows. She was wanting to survive and clearly regretted everything that she'd done considering how hard she fought to get him released. One of my favourite parts of the novel was when they finally reconciled. Through all the barbs, pointed looks and death threats there was always the undercurrent of wanting to protect each other. 

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4. Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Similar to Nina and Matthias, Iseult and Aduean started out wanting to kill each other. We're into Windwitch now and still they are contemplating whether or not they are going to kill each other. Through all of the murderous intent you can still see the respect between them. Respect of each other as people and their skills. Both also allow the other to see them in moments of vulnerability. When Aeduan takes it upon himself to protect Owl my heart about broke. To see  a Voidwitch protect a child was so sweet. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in Bloodwitch. 

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5. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Julian and Scarlett were definitely a hate to love relationship. Especially, considering the first time we meet him he was rolling around with her sister Tella. He's very secretive and rubs Scarlett the wrong way with the littlest comment but through all that she still cares for him. She still panics when he's in harms way, he's the first person she thinks of when she's concerned. But you can tell through the entire novel she's trying to figure out if she's going to kiss him or slap him. 

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2. V.E Schwab

Kell and Lila met because she stole from him. Admittedly, their relationship in the first novel of the shades of magic series is more hate to like. I've just started A Gathering of Shadows and so far I have a funny feeling its heading towards more than a friendship... I adore how they challenge each other. I had the pleasure of meeting V.E Schwab at a signing recently (I'm still screaming internally) and she said that all her male characters tend to be Hufflepuffs and her female characters are Slytherins. With this in mind Kell tempers Lila's wild want to watch the world burn side and Lila often forces him into dangerous situations. I love them.

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5. Lysandra + Adieon – Empire of Storms

I think Lysandra and Aedion are one of my favourite couples full stop. Aedion is so persistent but at the same time never oversteps boundaries. Lysandra had a rough time, a horrendous time so her reservation towards Aedion is understandable if not expected. But slowly we see her warming up to him. My favourite scene is right after she's taken down the ships. 

"The useless sentries in the watchtower are now all half in love with said he wanted to marry you...but you know what I told them. I said they didn't stand a chance in hell.. because I am going to marry you."

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What are some of your hate to love ships?

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