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Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You Want To Read More From

September 10, 2017

What is Top 5 Wednesday?

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. Here is the link for the Goodreads group where you can find the list of topics and such. 

This weeks topic is: Authors You Want to Read More From

1. Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg

So far the only book I've read from this author is Foxlowe, mainly because it's the only book she has published so far. I need more from her...soon! Foxlowe was written in a way where you found yourself questioning everything and trying to figure out what Foxlowe really was. This book definitely leaned more towards the literary fiction genre considering the it revolves around a strange 'family.'

You can find the Goodreads page here.

2. The Shadow Queen by C.J Redwine

C.J Redwine is another author that I have yet to read more than one book from. I do however have another of hers waiting on my shelf! So far I've read her retelling of Snow White - The Shadow Queen and its by far one of my favourite retellings. The skeleton of the Snow White fairytale was there but how she fleshed the story out was completely different. There was magic, dragons and Snow White had a brother!

You can find the Goodreads page here.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Are you sensing a theme yet? From Rainbow Rowell I have only read Fangirl so far, though I own nearly all of her books. I simply have yet to pick them up... or rather I have simply not yet picked their name out of my jar of shame. 

You can find the Goodreads page here.

2. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Sick of the fact that I've only read one book from all these authors yet? Me too. After reading The Darkest Part of the Forest I want to read her entire backlist... 

You can find the Goodreads page here.

5. My Sword Hand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick

It's a christmas miracle! I've actually read more than one of this author's books! Now I want more.... 

You can find the Goodreads page here.

Which authors do you want to read more from?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x

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