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Tokyo Ghoul Volume Twelve

September 3, 2018

Yet another incredible instalment of my favourite series. I can't understand how each volume seems to improve, when the previous one was simply amazing. I must admit I don't know how Tokyo Ghoul:re will compare...though I'll find out soon. The ending of this volume had me gasping on the train, it's absolutely mad. But brilliant. We're starting to get a lot more back story on some of the pivotal characters and it's so interesting to see how they've developed. I'd love a series that's set before Ken Kaneki's time in Antikeu, learning about The Owl.

I really love how the art style of this series reflects the chaotic nature of the story. It's so choppy and raw. It fits perfectly with the series.

Genuinely, not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do when I finish this series.

Please please give this a read.



Name: Tokyo Ghoul Volume Twelve

Author(s): Sui Ishida

Publisher: Viz Media

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-1-4215-8047-0

Rating: 5/5

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