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Tokyo Ghoul Volume Eleven

August 30, 2018

This series has been a firm favourite of mine for years now. With every volume the story gets darker, the characters get more complex and there are twists I could never have predicted. Especially, when considering where this series started out. One of my favourite aspects, that seemed to be focused on heavily in this volume is the question of who is the real monster here. Yes this is science fiction but still, it's applicable to our society. In this manga series the ghouls, in order to survive, must consume the flesh of humans. However, the vast majority of them or at least the characters focused on do not take pleasure in this and in fact have human friends or companions. Then there are the Ghoul Investigators, those that are tasked with the job to hunt and eradicate the ghouls. Yes, some of the ghouls are vicious killers that delight in pain but not all. It's the whole the minority giving the majority a bad rep situation.

This particular volume, so far is definitely my favourite. One characters arc in particular will forever pull at my heart strings...

If you get the chance give this series a go.


Name: Tokyo Ghoul Volume Eleven

Author(s): Sui Ishida

Publisher: Viz Media

Pages: 216

ISBN: 978-1-4215-8046-3

Rating: 5/5

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