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Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

September 13, 2017

Through the Ever Night was an absolute joy to read, mainly because I got more of my favourite character - Roar. I love the fact that friendships are as important as romantic relationships in this series. Roar and Perry love each other and aren't afraid to show it, even if sometimes its a bit of a tough love situation. Both will tell the other when they're being an ass...which is often. It's not often in YA that boy/girl friendships are focused upon either so seeing how Roar treated Aria was wonderful. He protected her like a sister and at times fought with her like one too. 

In this book Aria and Perry's roles were essentially reversed. Aria became the outsider once introduced to his tribe, was treated as a savage even though her father was from the outside and she'd inherited his hearing abilities. To the point where an attempt was made on her life during her marking ceremony. Ignoring the attempted assassination for a moment, it was fantastic to see that it was Roar volunteering to be the witness for her ceremony. And was very nearly as furious as Perry at the attempt on her life. 

After hearing so much about her I was very excited to finally see Liv, Perry's sister, get some page time. I'm a little gutted that she died so quickly. Honestly, I feel like she got fridged a bit. Her death sent Roar into a spiral of depression and changed his character so much. Understandably of course. But it wasn't my favourite thing about the novel. 

The plot for this book was definitely more sophisticated than the first. A lot more seemed to fall into place and new possible avenues for the future book opened up. Including more information about the Still Blue and how to get there. 


Name: Through the Ever Night

Author(s): Veronica Rossi

Publisher: Atom

Pages: 341

ISBN: 978-1-907411-06-9

Rating: 4.5/5

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