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The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

September 9, 2017

The third installment of Samantha Shannon's best selling Bone Season series has arrived. 

Now I want book four next week. 

I had been waiting with baited breath for this book for what felt like years, I'm talking Sirius Black out of Azkaban waiting. During the wait period my expectations climbed sky high, to the point where I thought there was no way that The Song Rising could match my love of The Mime Order. 

I was very wrong. 

The direction the series is going in is so exciting. I had the privilege of meeting Samantha at one of her signings where she spoke about her inspiration of The Bone Season, her reasoning behind parts of The Song Rising and vaguely mentioned plans for future novels.

In this instalment we see Paige taking on a massive responsibility in trying to maintain control over The Mime Order. Which isn't the easiest task to put it mildly and sometimes she didn't make the best choices. Which I loved, I will always say that I prefer characters that aren't infallible. The average person isn't perfect (though the average person isn't Clairvoyant) which makes it a lot easier to empathise with the character. 

I loved the expansion of the world. During the interview portion of the signing Samantha mentioned that when a novel is set in England more often than not it's set purely in London which is, when I later thought about it, very true. London is thought of as being quintessentially British but we as a nation are so diverse and neither area is more British than the other. Seeing Manchester in a novel was so exciting for me being from there (okay, near there but it counts) and it was so interesting to see Edinburgh represented too!

Plot wise I thought the novel progressed consistently well. There was no lull in pace even though in certain parts there was no action, instead it was filled with politics between the gangs. Seeing how the different gangs worked was incredible, the differences between them and also the tension between the gangs in general was so much fun to read about. 

All in all this is simply a treasure of a series and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 


Name: The Song Rising*

Author: Samantha Shannon

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 356

ISBN: 978-1-4088-7785-2

Rating: 5/5

Have you read any of the Bone Season books? What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x

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