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The Ordinary Peeling Solution

August 12, 2018

This stuff looks mildly terrifying when you use it. I felt like a vampire queen bathing in the blood of my victims...can you tell I've been watching a lot of Being Human and The Lost Boys? (Great film btw). I've never used anything like this before so was sceptical and also a little scared of how this would work and if it would work. The Peeling Solution attempts to treat the top layer of skin by chemically exfoliating it, thereby making the complexion brighter and clearer. I didn't notice anything straight away but after a few consistent uses I've definitely seen the difference. It does tingle quite a bit at first which worried me a little but it appears thats normal. All that I would say it don't use this if you're going to be going on holiday soon as it causes sun sensitivity.

One to use with caution but the results are definitely worth it!


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