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The Once and Future Witches* Blog Tour

October 26, 2020
The Once and Future Witches* by Alex E. Harrow
Once and Future Witches Blog Tour

Firstly, a huge thank you to Tracy and the Compulsive Readers team for having me on this blog tour.

The Once and Future Witches* is Alix E. Harrow's second novel, following a trio of sisters with different personalities, different interests but the same burning desire to become more. Set during the suffrage movement in the late 1800's the Eastwood Sister's are fed up of either being told that they should be seen and not heard or possessed by a man. They want power for themselves and all of the many women just like them who have been made afraid to tell a man no. But they can't go about it in the most conventional of ways, instead, they use Witchcraft. The words, ways and their will.

I utterly adored every single sister and Sister in this book. Harrow masterfully created such complex relationships between the three sisters. Whilst they loved each other wholly they still had rifts and long-standing feuds that they had to work out. It made for a lot of very satisfying character growth, as did their relationships with other characters. Cleo and August were a joy. They brought levity to what could have been a very bleak story. In their own ways, they both worked a different kind of magic on Beatrice and Agnes respectively. The way each of the sisters past was woven into the story was brilliant. I couldn't at first understand why Beatrice and Agnes had such animosity but as you learn about their history back home it becomes clear.

At times I felt like I was reading a fairy tale, or a story whipped from a book of folklore. The world and how the magic worked was so well established that it was easy to become immersed in it. Every few chapters a story would be woven in, usually, one that was recognisable but a little manipulated. Being a huge geek for all things fairy tale this was such a delight.

What a phenomenal story, with phenomenal characters and a phenomenal plot. I can't fathom how Harrow came up with such a clever, complex and in the end heartbreaking yet satisfying conclusion.

I can't wait to read Alix E. Harrow's next book.


Name: The Once and Future Witches*

Author(s): Alix E. Harrow

Publisher: Orbit

Pages: 513


Rating: 5/5

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