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The Girl and The Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini

April 6, 2020
The Girl and the Dinosaur by Sarah Hughes

I read this book as part of my OWLs Read-A-Thon TBR. This was going to fill the prompt of Potions: Read a book under 150 pages. It's most definitely under that! I struggled to find a book for this prompt and then remembered I had this.

For months I'd been picking this up at work and putting it back thinking what need do I have of a picture book. A great need it turns out. This is such a sweet and wholesome story. A young girl finds a dinosaur skeleton on a beach and wishes it alive. They then frolic a la twelve dancing princess style into the night before she is returned home. It's has a gorgeous style of illustration, flowing rhyme and I'll read anything with dinosaurs in it.

This is one I'll be keeping.


Name: The Girl and the Dinosaur

Author: Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 32

ISBN: 978-1-4088-8052-4

Rating: 5/5

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