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The Creakers* by Tom Fletcher

November 12, 2017

I can see exactly why a child would love this. it's the perfect mix of cute and decidedly gross. There's definitely some potty humour but overall it has such a wonderful message. One day Lucy Dungston wakes up to find every adult in her town has disappeared. As you can imagine, without adults, chaos ensues. The only person that has some semblance of an idea of what to do is Lucy. She becomes the default adult and hatches a plan to find the parents...but it might be a little more difficult than you think. 

One thing I love is how Tom Fletcher writes such huggable books. I can sit and read them in one go and still want more. I also think he's been an absolute genius with the little giggles the parents will get out of some of the character names. If you or your child has read this please have a giggle with me in the comments below. 

I highly highly recommend this to anyone of any age. 


Name: The Creakers*

Author(s): Tom Fletcher

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 368

ISBN: 9780141388762

Rating: 4/5

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