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October 20, 2020
The Country Village Christmas Show* by Cathy Lake

Firstly, a huge thank you to Bonnier & Zaffre for having me on this blog tour!

Honestly, the best way to describe The Country Village Christmas Show* is a hug in book form. Everything about it makes you feel so warm and happy. There's so much wholesome family content, deep chats and reconciliation - all the things you'd expect at Christmas. Well, that and hot chocolate, snow and tree decorating.

Yet whilst being so light-hearted and sweet the book still manages to discuss topics such as divorce, geriatric pregnancy, tumultuous family, disability and knowing when to let love in. The latter being something I imagine, most if not all of us have experienced.

I found the story enjoyable and played out as you'd imagine a Christmas romance would do. It was very Hallmark Channel-esque. Personally, a highlight for me was Goliath the Great Dane, he was absolutely adorable. In fact, each of the secondary characters was very memorable, had their own traits and quirks. I will admit I can't get the image of a lycra wearing vicar out of my head though.

Clare and Sam were both a joy to read from. Their personal issues were realistic, relatable and something the pair of them had to work through before they could get on with their lives. I will say I found their instant attraction a little 'insta-love-y' but again, Christmas romance. If you don't want that then you're reading the wrong book!

The highlights: the dog poo incident, chino-gate, the lemon fiasco, and nana meeting freerunning.

A perfect book for the Christmas season - light-hearted and full of festive fun.


Name: The Country Village Christmas Show*

Author(s): Cathy Lake

Publisher: Zaffre

Pages: 397

ISBN: 978-1-838-77269-7

Rating: 3.5/5

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