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The Case Study of Vanitas Volume Two

February 2, 2019

Like the first volume, I read the second volume of The Case Study of Vanitas in one sitting. It's such a moreish series.

The series continues to provide such excitement in the form of fights, spells and never quite getting to the bottom of what is happening. The same can be said about the characters, and some new were introduced in this volume that I hope to see recurring throughout the series. Noe remains my favourite, he has so many layers. I can't wait to see what else is revealed about him and his alliances.

Within this volume the plot thickens as the possible cause of the curse-bearers is a masquerade ball no less! I'm a sucker for a good ball.

I'll be picking up the next few volumes soon.


Name: The Case Study of Vanitas Volume Two

Author(s): Jun Mochizuki

Publisher: Yen Press

Pages: 272

ISBN: 978-0-316-47168-8

Rating: 4/5

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