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February 12, 2019

As a celebration for me finishing my exams (thank god) and for Sam getting an incredible job, one that means he moves back up here, we went out for a meal at Tattu. I don't think I've stopped smiling since he told me about his job. I'd never been and neither had Sam but it was a place we'd both had on our lists to visit eventually. It's absolutely stunning. The downstairs is mainly dedicated to the bar with a few tables for meals, but the upstairs. My god the upstairs. When we went up it took my breath away. In the centre was this huge cherry blossom tree draping over the surrounding tables. It looked like something out of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

We had a lovely waitress explain the concept to us. Essentially, there are two ways to eat. Either by going Tapas style and ordering small plates to share or going traditional with a starter and a main. We went for the Tapas style but ordered far too much. They say 8-10 plates between two. Honestly, six would've been perfect.

In the top left, photo is the Lobster Prawn Toast, Crispy Duck Rolls and Chicken Truffle Shumai. All of which was incredible but the standout was definitely the Chicken Truffle Shumai. It was in some kind of dumpling wrapping and soaked in truffle oil. It was very fun trying to pick up the Crispy Duck Rolls with chopsticks, I lived in fear of shooting them at Sam...though he nearly did the same to me!

In the top right are the items for the Peking Duck Buns...mine of course just had the duck and hoisin sauce in! Despite Sam trying to get me to eat my mother put him up to this and he's taking his roll very seriously.

Yet another shot of the crispy duck rolls etc along with Sam's Wild Mushroom Rolls...which I did not go near. Mushrooms and I do not get along. I say that, but I did try his truffle mushrooms when we went out a few nights ago. They weren't horrendous!

Then my favourite dish. The Seared Tuna. We both agreed it was by far the best item we ordered and would go back for drinks and just a plate of that. If you got to Tattu try it. It's astounding.

The Sticky Beef Short Rib wasn't my favourite. The flavouring was good but it was super chewy. I ended up with a little bit of jaw ache...though that is the nature of that kind of meat I guess. Safe to say I'd rather have another plate of the Seared Tuna.

I'm proud of myself. I tried Pak Choi, but I won't be having it again. I didn't enjoy it at all for no other reason than veg and I have a tentative alliance and this is not one I'll be adding to the very few I eat.

I didn't try the noodles or fried rice but Sam enjoyed them. By this point we were both stuffed and ready to head home and binge some more Netflix.

I would definitely go back to Tattu again but order less food. It's certainly an experience!

A huge congrats to this wonderful gent on his new job. I couldn't be prouder.

Have you been to Tattu?

What did you think?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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