Books Wrap Ups

June Wrap Up

September 13, 2017

Can you tell how far behind I am with blog posts? I know it's shameful. From what I remember in June I struggled to balance reading, working on my own book and working.¬†Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to read...though it's rare.¬† I'd heard so many wonderful things about The Rest of Us Just Live Here and from the get go I loved the premise. A novel…


Toradora Volume One

September 13, 2017

I'm going to start this review by saying that I don't particularly gravitate towards YA contemporary, so its not surprising that I wasn't overly enamoured with this. I liked the story but nothing really happened. It was entirely focused around the fact that the two main characters had crushes on each others friends...and not much else. That being said I really liked what I read, its not mind-blowing,…