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Books for Slytherins

September 12, 2019

Slytherin is the next, and final topic in my series of recommending books for Hogwarts Houses. These titles either have characters I believe a Slytherin would identify with or a topic that would perhaps appeal to them. Sirens that rip the hearts out of men? Perhaps the definition of Slytherin! But this book is suitable for Slytherins for so many other reasons. The evil sea queen places importance on being…

Books Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Monsters

October 17, 2018
Top 5 Wednesday

What is Top 5 Wednesday? Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. Here is the link for the Goodreads group where you can find the list of topics and such. This weeks topic is: Favourite Monsters Scylla and Charybdis are such cool monsters. Okay I'm slightly cheating here including two in one but they are wonderful okay! Well, wonderful for monsters. So,…

Books Wrap Ups

August Wrap Up

September 6, 2018

August has been an incredible month. From a trip to Ireland, more bookish events and spontaneous day trips out, which included heading off to Doncaster and having the most incredible mozzarella garlic bread ever...followed by Harry Potter films and ice-cream (it was a very very very good day - thank you lovely). I've had the best time with some wonderful people and to top it all off had a great…

Books Manga Reviews

Tokyo Ghoul Volume Twelve

September 3, 2018

Yet another incredible instalment of my favourite series. I can't understand how each volume seems to improve, when the previous one was simply amazing. I must admit I don't know how Tokyo Ghoul:re will compare...though I'll find out soon. The ending of this volume had me gasping on the train, it's absolutely mad. But brilliant. We're starting to get a lot more back story on some of the…

Books Manga Reviews

Tokyo Ghoul Volume Eleven

August 30, 2018

This series has been a firm favourite of mine for years now. With every volume the story gets darker, the characters get more complex and there are twists I could never have predicted. Especially, when considering where this series started out. One of my favourite aspects, that seemed to be focused on heavily in this volume is the question of who is the real monster here. Yes this…