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Richard III by Shakespeare

November 24, 2019
Richard III by Shakespeare

Well, another play. This was actually the first play I had read but somehow managed to miss posting a review. In all honesty, this is very much just a reiteration of what I've said previously. Whilst I liked the story the format makes it difficult. Besides with this play, each character had multiple names which made keeping track of the plot lines very difficult. It depended on who…

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King Lear by Shakespeare

October 31, 2019
King Lear by Shakespeare

The first of many uni book reviews to come! This term, for the most part, they're all plays which are different. You think it'd make it easier but it really doesn't when you're reading Shakespeare and similar things. As much as I usually like Shakespeare King Lear wasn't my favourite. I enjoyed it but I found it a bit convoluted. There's a lot of disguises which makes fathoming…

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December Fairyloot

January 22, 2018

It's official, I'm obsessed with Fairy Loot. I've started plotting my breaks at work so that I can order the next box before they sell out! I was really intrigued by this months theme, Oh So Regal. I've started making guesses at what the book will be and for this one I had no clue at all. But, I'm incredibly happy with what it was. Now, I can't…

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October Wrap Up

December 24, 2017

Yes I know it's almost 2018...I'm still catching up, okay? Between Uni and work I've been snatching time to blog.  I was surprised by how much I liked this. In my review, and most of the manga reviews I have, I mention that I tend to be drawn towards the darker stories, like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul. But I really enjoyed Demon Love Spell. It's a…

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December 15, 2017

I love Shakespeare but this wasn't my favourite. I still enjoyed it and thought that the characters were incredibly dynamic but Macbeth still has my heart. There's a lot of political intrigue, which isn't unheard of for Shakespeare...nor is a starcrossed romance. Othello is a POC character often referred to with racial slurs. But then praised for his military prowess. With nothing but his charm he woos the…