Diptyque Vetyverio

August 9, 2019
Diptyque Vetyverio

I finalllly tried something from Diptyque after lusting after their products for years. I've walked past countless counters, sniffed all the candles and perfumes. This year on holiday I finally bit the bullet and had a TREAT YO' SELF moment. I picked out the Vetyverio eau de toilette and have been wearing it none stop since. Also, bonus points as Sam love how it smells! It's quite a…



February 1, 2019

Joy is by far the best name for this perfume. That's all I feel when I wear it. It has a very sweet yet sophisticated¬†scent, otherwise known as my favourite kind. Well, one of my favourite¬†kinds. I'm a bit of a perfume floozie. I'd spotted this around the same time I got the Dior Absolutely Blooming Perfume (post here) but didn't pick it up. I wished I had.…


A Jo Malone Christmas

January 15, 2019

I was well and truly spoilt this Christmas for so many reasons. One of which came in a cream bag with a little black bow...otherwise known as my favourite bags. I adore Jo Malone, I have done for years. The vast majority of my fragrances are Jo Malone and I love everything else I've ever tried. The body creams, the candles, the bath oils. Everything is so luxurious.…


Absolutely Blooming

September 28, 2018

Airport duty free is the Jaffacake of the shopping world. Both glorious, far too tempting and just one is never enough. Hence why, whilst I was waiting for my gate to open I had a wander into the beauty section... and was very quickly pounced on my a waiting sale adviser armed with bottles of perfumes. Like some kinda of fragrance ninja. I walked out leaving a vapour…


Jo Malone New In

September 14, 2018

It's no secret that I adore Jo Malone, it's very rare that I'm not wearing one of their scents. So when I go to Gibraltar I have to stock up. Yay for a duty free country... This year I wasn't sure what I was looking for which meant that, with my mothers help, I spent ages smelling everything and I mean everything. I left a perfume cloud wherever…