Millenium Hall

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October Wrap Up

November 8, 2018

University took over my reading this month. I'm always a lot slower reading when I'm reading anything like this. I find it takes more concentration and I have to read pages multiple times. I didn't have a great reading month, I ended up ill a fair few times I couldn't cope with reading whilst I had migraines. Hopefully, I'll pick up my reading over November... I didn't love…

Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Millenium Hall by Sarah Scott

October 30, 2018

I've read this book....and I still can't tell you what its truly about. I've never been so confused reading a book before. From what I can gather it seems these two gentleman find themselves in a women's sanctuary. I can't really think of any other name for it honestly. All the women have either lost their husbands or fallen on unfortunate times and through mutual friends have found…