Beauty Makeup

Gigi Hadid X Maybeline

January 14, 2018

I already knew I loved the Maybeline lipsticks, namely the matte formula in the dark blue tube. I have a few shades and adore them. I hadn't heard anything about Gigi Hadid doing a collab with Maybeline. It was only when I walked into Superdrug on my break looking for Fanta Fruit Twist (my current obsession) that I saw the stand. I've been a little let down with…

Beauty Makeup

Budget Beauty #1

September 11, 2017

There was once I time where I stayed far far away from any shine inducing/glowy products for fear of them accentuating my already oily complexion. Fast forward a few years and I can't get enough of the glow. I finally managed to get my skin to a place where it was more on the normal side. Surprisingly, it seemed to be producing more oil because it was so…


Maybeline Matte & Poreless

September 11, 2017

This foundation definitely makes a difference in the pores across my cheeks but it doesn't do anything for the ones on my nose. If anything it emphasises them. I was very impressed with its lasting power and the fact that it didn't break up anywhere.  With it being matte/natural finish it takes a while for my natural oils to come through but sometimes I feel like its too matte and it…