Mary Barton

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February Wrap Up

March 8, 2019

A bit of a lighter reading month for February, but it is the shortest month and I did an awful lot. Then again, look at the size of Kingdom of Ash...nearly 1000 pages. I'm so happy I finally read that. Strange for me to be reading a picture book, alas Uni is a weird one. I loved Franklin's Flying Bookshop, the story was absolutely adorable. Anything with a…

Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

March 5, 2019

I've read very few Victorian novels, the only one I can recall immediately that I've read is Dracula. I didn't know what to expect with these books but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. Elizabeth Gaskell had always been a name I recognised for North and South, ┬áso when I saw Mary Barton on my reading list I had no expectations for the book. It follows a young…