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The Ritual of Yalda

December 23, 2019
The Ritual of Yalda

I can't get over how this smells. I've had to take it round to Sam's so I don't use it every single day. It's no longer in production, unfortunately. The entire Ritual of Yalda was a limited edition run but I had to talk about it and Rituals in general. Their products are absolutely gorgeous. This particular range has watermelon and pomegranate as its scent. It smells like…

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THAT Chanel Bronzer

August 1, 2019
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Yes, THAT Chanel Bronzer. The one that no one really knows the name of but you show them a picture and they're like ohhhhh. THAT Chanel Bronzer. I've had my eye on this for, years (?) and finally picked it up whilst on holiday this year. It took me a while to get into bronzers and even longer to give cream bronzers ago. I lived in fear of…

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September 21, 2018

The minute I saw this palette I knew I needed it but I decided to hang fire on purchasing for a little bit. I adored the Modern Renaissance palette and very nearly bought the Subculture but then there was fallout gate. I didn't want to spend the money only to receive a palette like that so I waited and watched a whole host of Youtube reviews before finally…

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Dazzle Indeed

August 31, 2018

I fell into a bit of a Make Up Geek single shadow hole and didn't use anything else for quite a while. Then I went away and found myself stood at the MAC counter in Gibraltar...as I seem to do every year. It's become a bit of a tradition. I walked away with a few bits including one of their Dazzle Shadows in the shade Dazzle Style. In…

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August 27, 2018

So I both love and hate these. Everlasting lipsticks they are not, they do not replace my Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks or the Rimmel Provocalips. However, I loved the colours that Kat von D makes. My favourite is by far Lolita, a beautiful brown nude. I'd also given one of the very dark ones a go way back when and was less than pleased with how streaky…