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Holi Moley

February 11, 2020
Rituals Holey Moli

Shower foams have changed my life.  No longer am I forced to hold onto the soapy loofa whilst balancing on one leg trying to shave and at the same time avoiding the splash from the shower.  It's so easy now with the foams. My favourites are from Rituals, I've spoken about them before here and here but they aren't something I often buy for myself. They're a little bit up there in…

Beauty Makeup

Long Wear and Radiant?

May 19, 2018

Quite simply I adore this foundation. The longevity, finish, everything. My only issue? It oxidises slightly. I'm a very pale human so even Mont Blanc can look a little dark on me if this one oxidises. Which makes me so sad because I love everything else about this foundation. Also, a little goes an awfully long way! I've had this bottle for a little while and I've hardly…