Heart of Darkness

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November Wrap Up

December 25, 2017

November was another course book heavy month...as I envision the next three years will be. However, I managed to sneak in a few books I read for pleasure. Not to say that I didn't enjoy some of my course books!  I wasn't a huge fan of this because of the huge chunks of stage direction laced throughout the play. However, watching an adaptation of this I truly loved.…

Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

November 30, 2017

Very very slowly my course books are starting to enter the modern era...yes 1899 is positively futuristic in comparison to some of the books I've had to read. Heart of Darkness however, isn't my favourite of the bunch. I'm enjoying Emma far more.  This novel has an incredibly interesting premise. A group of men sat aboard a boat on the Thames are listening to one mans story of…