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Holiday Misc Purchases

August 14, 2019
Reed Diffuser Tea Strainer

I'm well aware this is such a bizarreĀ post but I wanted to talk about these two little things I picked up whilst on holiday. Reed diffusers are one of my favourite things to have around the house. They constantly scent a room and unlike a candle don't pose a risk if you leave them unattended. They also make a beautiful decorative touch. I picked up this one from…

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Lush Haul #2

June 10, 2019

Yet another Lush haul. There is nothing I love more than a good relax with a bath bomb, a wonderful smelling new moisturizer or a cupboard full of magical little treats. I've got my family into Lush, I've got Sam into Lush products. I'm slowly converting everyone in my life into a Lushie... I adore how the Groovy Kind of Love bath bomb smells. It's like citrusĀ or sherbet…

Beauty Makeup

Lip Topper

July 26, 2018

This is so far out of my comfort zone that I can't even see where that is any more. I'm a liquid lip girl. I want the brightest red, darkest purple and mental colours that take an age to scrub off. With that in mind I still don't know what possessed me to add the Jouer Lip Topper in Skinny Dip to my cart. However, I'm surprisingly pleased…

Beauty Skincare

Shower Foam

July 18, 2018

I've never heard of this brand before but these literally smell incredible. I was a little dubious about using a shower foam having always been a gel girl myself but I'm converted. My skin felt wonderful after using these, really nourished which I don't often find I feel lie normally unless I slather myself in moisturiser. And we all know how I feel about nasty sticky feeling. Speaking…


L’Oreal Stylista

June 22, 2018

My hair has a mind of its own and often mutinies. So I need things to try and keep it in check. I first saw the new L'Oreal Stylista range on In the Frow's Youtube channel and immediately wanted to give it a go. There's products for every kind of hair. I went with the Sleek Serum, Beach Wave Mist and Big Hair Spray. Across the entire range…