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January Wrap Up

February 11, 2019

I haven't read this much since January of last year...for obvious reasons. Namely, University. Considering I'm on a Literature degree I don't have all the much time for reading. Outside of the course that is. Once my exams finished and I had a few weeks reprieve before starting the new semester I threw myself into reading. It helped I had a few train journeys to do too. For the…

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1984 by George Orwell

January 28, 2019

I read this in about three days...I thought it was going to take me three weeks! I featured this on my Classics I want to read in 2018 well, early 2019 counts. I didn't know a great deal about the book prior to reading it. I knew it was a cult classics with a dystopian narrative. But that's where my knowledge ended. I had no idea how many…

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8 Classics I Want To Read In 2018

February 15, 2018

I've never really been someone that read classics unless it was for school, the only one I've ever read off my own back was Dracula and though it's one of my favourite novels now, at the time I really struggled with it. I've never been a quick reader when it came to pre 20th century literature but University has forced me to become one. Which I'm incredibly grateful…