February 1, 2019

Joy is by far the best name for this perfume. That's all I feel when I wear it. It has a very sweet yet sophisticated¬†scent, otherwise known as my favourite kind. Well, one of my favourite¬†kinds. I'm a bit of a perfume floozie. I'd spotted this around the same time I got the Dior Absolutely Blooming Perfume (post here) but didn't pick it up. I wished I had.…

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Blackberry and Bay

May 7, 2018

The love affair with Jo Malone continues. I don't want to admit the amount of perfumes I now own by them....Around christmas I received a gift card for Selfridges and wasn't entirely sure what I wanted so I popped it in a draw until I had an idea. When I took it out I still had no clue what I wanted but I decided to have a wander…

Beauty Makeup

Oat and Cornflower

April 12, 2018

Unless I'm wearing perfume I don't feel as though I'm dressed. That and my rings are what make me feel like I'm put together. My favourite fragrances being mainly from Jo Malone...not great for the bank balance but my god I smell good (I'm tempted to do a post on my collection). I hadn't heard about the English Fields collection until I was watching one of Lyida Elise…