Beauty Makeup

Long Wear and Radiant?

May 19, 2018

Quite simply I adore this foundation. The longevity, finish, everything. My only issue? It oxidises slightly. I'm a very pale human so even Mont Blanc can look a little dark on me if this one oxidises. Which makes me so sad because I love everything else about this foundation. Also, a little goes an awfully long way! I've had this bottle for a little while and I've hardly…

Beauty Makeup

All Hours

March 30, 2018

I completely blame this purchase on Susie (Hello October ), after hearing her rave bout the YSL All Hours foundation I couldn't get it out of my mind. On my lunch break I once again ventured in Debenhams, left with a big smile and light purse. Seriously, working so close to one is playing havoc with my bank balance. I picked up a few other things on this trip…


Maybeline Matte & Poreless

September 11, 2017

This foundation definitely makes a difference in the pores across my cheeks but it doesn't do anything for the ones on my nose. If anything it emphasises them. I was very impressed with its lasting power and the fact that it didn't break up anywhere.  With it being matte/natural finish it takes a while for my natural oils to come through but sometimes I feel like its too matte and it…