February 1, 2019

Joy is by far the best name for this perfume. That's all I feel when I wear it. It has a very sweet yet sophisticated¬†scent, otherwise known as my favourite kind. Well, one of my favourite¬†kinds. I'm a bit of a perfume floozie. I'd spotted this around the same time I got the Dior Absolutely Blooming Perfume (post here) but didn't pick it up. I wished I had.…


Absolutely Blooming

September 28, 2018

Airport duty free is the Jaffacake of the shopping world. Both glorious, far too tempting and just one is never enough. Hence why, whilst I was waiting for my gate to open I had a wander into the beauty section... and was very quickly pounced on my a waiting sale adviser armed with bottles of perfumes. Like some kinda of fragrance ninja. I walked out leaving a vapour…

Beauty Makeup

A Highlighter Worth Splurging On

December 29, 2017

When your makeup comes with a dustbag you know it's snazzy. I still don't know what possessed me to walk up to the Dior counter and I can't fathom why I still haven't realised that me being unleashed in Selfridges with my card is a bad idea. I mean it's a gloriously bad idea but still...I have no self control. Hence me bringing home the Diorskin Nude Air…