Demon Love Spell

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October Wrap Up

December 24, 2017

Yes I know it's almost 2018...I'm still catching up, okay? Between Uni and work I've been snatching time to blog.  I was surprised by how much I liked this. In my review, and most of the manga reviews I have, I mention that I tend to be drawn towards the darker stories, like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul. But I really enjoyed Demon Love Spell. It's a…

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Demon Love Spell Volume One

December 20, 2017

So I remember writing in a post a while ago that my favourite kind of Manga are the dark and twisted ones. Whilst I stand by this I find myself gravitating more towards the fun and a little tongue in cheek series now. That's exactly how I'd describe Demon Love Spell, it's cheeky but an awful lot of fun.  It follows Miko, a shrine maiden that has never…