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September Wrap Up

January 11, 2021
September 2020

I'm not even going to say it, you know what I mean. September was an excellent reading month, I got through a lot of books and whilst I didn't love all of them I loved most. I'm now desperate for some sequels and thankful to have finally finished one of my favourite graphic novel series. I only hope I can continue my good reading streak into and throughout…

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Dear Martin by Nic Stone

November 16, 2020
Dear Martin by Nic Stone

There are books that you read, enjoy and forget about after a while. They aren't bad books. You probably loved them whilst you were reading them. Then there are books like Dear Martin. You read you adore and you never forget. It can be months since you read them and suddenly you're thinking about the characters, what they'd be doing now, what happened in the book. Dear Martin…