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Cruise Diaries – The Outfits

October 22, 2019
Independence of the Seas

Prepare for an obnoxious amount of 'mirror selfies'... This is a little out of my comfort zone, I don't often post photos of myself on here and when I do it's usually just the odd one. Then the rest is food, landscapes or sneaky shots of Sam. However, I'm taking a risk. One of my favourite things about Cruises is the dressing up. It's not often that you…

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Cruise Diaries – The Food

September 26, 2019
Independence of the Seas

Perhaps one of my favourite posts in the Cruise Diaries series, The Food. It's no secret that I like good food. I post enough photos of it on my Instagram and of course, you've seen the copious amounts of restaurant posts. It's a passion my family and Sam share as well. Which is simply another reason we have loved sailing with Royal Carribean. It's fourteen days of incredible food…

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Cruise Diaries – Gibraltar

September 17, 2019
Independence of the Seas

The Cruise Diaries, Gibraltar edition. We had a definite agenda this day. It was the day of my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary and they had decided to commemorate the day with a watch and a ring. They had been in contact with Antonio's Diamond Boutique for a few weeks prior to the holiday so they could get a selection of rings in and order the watch my dad was…