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Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

November 30, 2017

Very very slowly my course books are starting to enter the modern era...yes 1899 is positively futuristic in comparison to some of the books I've had to read. Heart of Darkness however, isn't my favourite of the bunch. I'm enjoying Emma far more.  This novel has an incredibly interesting premise. A group of men sat aboard a boat on the Thames are listening to one mans story of…

Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Evelina by Frances Burney

November 21, 2017

If you think back a few posts you might recall my slight tirade about Moll Flanders and its lack of chapters... Evelina also doesn't have chapters. Instead, it's written in letter form. A 'chapter' can be half a page or in some cases ten pages long. This I enjoyed far more than Moll simply because I could set a goal that wasn't "finish the novel" I was able…