Children of the Whales

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July Wrap Up

September 16, 2020
July Wrap Up 2020

July was certainly a productive reading month, wasn't it? Well done past me. I read some absolutely outstanding books in July and found a few new favourites. I now need everything that Christina Lauren writes, okay? Let's start with my most disappointing read, shall we? This was not a bad book. In fact in the beginning I thought this was going to be a five-star read. Adele was…

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Children of the Whales Volume Two

August 12, 2020
Children of the Whales Volume Two

I enjoyed this volume decidedly more than the first and I really liked that one, to begin with. There was a great deal more worldbuilding, and it didn't come from Chakuro's journals this time. Whilst I find that such a clever way of worldbuilding it's nice that we're seeing more of the author's ability to weave information in throughout the story too. It's difficult to review manga without…

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January Wrap Up

February 5, 2018

I don't think I've read this many books in a month...ever! I'm so so happy with myself. And what I've read I've really enjoyed. All in all a fantastic month for reading.  This is one of my new favourite Manga series, I bought it at first because of the cover but the actual story was fantastic. It's unlike anything I've read before. A floating island known as The…

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Children of the Whales Volume One

January 15, 2018

To begin with this was a cover buy. I picked it up and I absolutely adored the illustration. Then I read the synopsis and I knew this was coming home with me. It sounded absolutely fantastic. This manga is set on a floating city known only as the Mud Whale (to begin with) which had been built up over years by clay and magic. A magic with a…