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July Wrap Up

September 16, 2020
July Wrap Up 2020

July was certainly a productive reading month, wasn't it? Well done past me. I read some absolutely outstanding books in July and found a few new favourites. I now need everything that Christina Lauren writes, okay? Let's start with my most disappointing read, shall we? This was not a bad book. In fact in the beginning I thought this was going to be a five-star read. Adele was…

Adult Fiction Books Reviews

Adele by Leila Slimani

August 17, 2020
Adele by Leila Slimani

This book started out so captivating. I was thoroughly intrigued in Adele's character and her motivations but ultimately I was very disappointed in the ending. Adele is a wholly unlikeable character she is married, a mother and has been cheating on her husband for as long as they have been together. She craves sex seemingly to be a form of satiated (not sure if emotionally or physically) but…

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American Street by Ibi Zoboi

August 12, 2020
American Street by Ibi Zoboi

Oh wow. I could keep my review at that, to be honest, and it'd sum up my thoughts perfectly. However, that wouldn't be all that helpful to you now, would it? Firstly I'd like to point out this is an own voices novel in regards to the immigration and Haitian nationality of the main character, Fabiola and some of the secondary characters. One of my favourite aspects of…