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Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair* by Sophy Henn

May 14, 2020
Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair* by Sophy Henn

I loved this book just as much as the first. It has all the same cheeky, love and fun throughout with a slightly different setting. Where the first book was a series of mini-stories this book took place entirely at the fair with one main antagonist, Mrs Farquar-Haha. Her granddaughter, Georgina, is the school bully and takes pleasure in coming up with nasty nicknames for Jeanie. The fair,…

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P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han

March 10, 2020
P.S. I Still Love You By Jenny Han

Every book in this series I seem to love more and more. They're so wholesome and sweet whilst still broaching important topics, particularly ones that affect teenagers. In this book, Lara Jean and Peter are really dating and getting along for the most part. That is until one of the other recipients of the first letter reappears on the scene. John Ambrose McClaren, a true cinnamon roll. He's…