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May Wrap Up

July 8, 2020
May 2020

My inadvertent social media hiatus has meant that this wrap up is just a teeny bit late. I mean at this point I'm struggling to remember the days never mind the month. It could be September for all I know right now. Needless to say, it been a strange few months and as a result, my desire to read took a bit of a plummet. Normally I'd be…

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Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair* by Sophy Henn

May 14, 2020
Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair* by Sophy Henn

I loved this book just as much as the first. It has all the same cheeky, love and fun throughout with a slightly different setting. Where the first book was a series of mini-stories this book took place entirely at the fair with one main antagonist, Mrs Farquar-Haha. Her granddaughter, Georgina, is the school bully and takes pleasure in coming up with nasty nicknames for Jeanie. The fair,…