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Dear Martin by Nic Stone

November 16, 2020
Dear Martin by Nic Stone

There are books that you read, enjoy and forget about after a while. They aren't bad books. You probably loved them whilst you were reading them. Then there are books like Dear Martin. You read you adore and you never forget. It can be months since you read them and suddenly you're thinking about the characters, what they'd be doing now, what happened in the book. Dear Martin…

Books Fairy Loot Unboxings

November Fairyloot

January 16, 2020
November 2019 Fairyloot

Another amazing box from Fairyloot and as ever on brand I'm unboxing a little late. Personally, I blame Christmas and University deadlines. But, the end is in sight now! This months theme was Magical Folk and whilst I haven't read a lot of the books represented in this box they're ones I'm interested in and I love the merch that has been created about them. A River of…