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Swastika Night by Katherine Burdekin

January 14, 2019

I'm shocked by just how much I enjoyed this book, I thought I was going to hate it. I haven't had the best experience with the University reading I've had to do of late so this was a pleasant surprise. It filled me with a similar feeling that Man in the High Castle and Fahrenheit 451 did. Fear at the plausibility.

Swastika Night is set in a future where Germany won the war, Hitler has been dead for at least five hundred years and is now considered a God. His image has been changed and women are considered the lowest rank in society. They have little to no rights, including over the age of sixteen they must allow any and all men to rape them. It's a difficult read at times but this aspect in particular reminded me, though I've yet to read it of the Handmaid's Tale. Women are nothing but cattle to create more children, which the vast majority hope to be men. They are owned, beaten both literally and mentally. It's a harrowing story, but a story with a hopeful ending.

The entire crux of it is to reveal history, which too has been rewritten and change the perceptions of men and women alike one person at a time. I'm very glad I read this. The prose wasn't overly complex and the story flowed well. I appreciated that there were redeemable male characters also, it wasn't a flat out man hating novel.

I'll be interested to have a look at more of Katharine Burdekin's work.


Name: Swastika Night

Author: Katharine Burdekin

Publisher: The Feminist Press

Pages: 196

ISBN:  978-093531256-0

Rating: 4/5

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