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Susan Dennard, Kristina Perez and Ashley Poston Signing

June 3, 2019

A little bit ago I got to attend a signing at the Waterstones Manchester Deansgate store for Susan Dennard, Ashley Poston and Kristina Perez. What a wonderful event. I am a little biased as she's one of my favourite people but Kimi did an amazing job running the event and getting everyone sorted out and even got in the bloggers to interview these three lovely authors (I may have been one of to come soon).

Once the interviews were done we headed into the events room which was decked out with lovely snacks and drinks for all those that attended. Including these brilliant cupcakes.

It was incredible to hear from these authors about their experiences writing, as readers and all-around lovers of fandom. Sooz has been a long time favourite and inspiration of mine to meet her was so surreal. She was just as friendly, kind and enthusiastic in person as she is online. More than ready to answer questions and just so much fun. I'm also jealous of how stylish she is! I wish I'd asked where she got her shoes from...

Ashley I have been aware of for a while and had both Geekerella and The Princes and The Fangirl but hadn't yet read them. Well, I binged them before the event and I've got a new favourite author! Her books are everything that makes me happy. They're just so wonderfully geeky. Like Sooz she's so enthusiastic about the things she loves. And finding out she loved Yu-Gi-Oh made my day.

I will have to admit I wasn't all that sure what Kristina had written but after hearing her talk about her work they've jumped straight to the top of my wishlist. I only wish I had more room for books's a bit of a precarious Jenga like situation in my library at the moment. Kristina moderated the panel and did such a brilliant job.

One of the best events I've ever been to.

A massive thank you to all the authors, Kimi and Waterstones Manchester Deansgate.

Below are all the books I got signed and some swag above....

Susan Dennard, Ashley Poston, Kristina Perez

Have you met or read any of these authors works?

What did you think?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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