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Sunflowers in February* by Phyllida Shrimpton

March 2, 2018

I got so excited when I saw an e-mail for this book in my inbox. It sounded fantastic and described as being ideal for fans of John Green and the Lovely Bones. Admittedly, I've never read the Lovely Bones book but the film was incredible... I will read it eventually.

Lily wakes up and the first thing she sees is her own body at the side of the road. At first she has no idea whats going on but when the police and ambulance arrive she quickly realises she's dead. But whats she meant to do now? Surely people are supposed to cross over. Only, Lily doesn't and doesn't really want to. 

I absolutely loved this. If I didn't have other commitments I would've read it in one day. Definite trigger warning for grief but I felt it was handled very sensitively. Lily, herself, appeared to be dealing with grief at the loss of her own life, understandably. At the start of the novel she ruminated a lot on what she couldn't do anymore and how she instead had to watch others continue with the life she should've had. However, over the course of the novel her character had such growth. It showed the different effects grief had on people, namely her friends, mother, father and twin brother Ben. The latter just so happened to be the person she possessed...

I've noticed I tend to enjoy contemporary novels that have a bit of a twist on the normal. The use of the 'twin bond' in this book fit into that category perfectly. Admittedly, at times Lily having to deal with being in Ben's body made me a little uncomfortable, like the swimming pool locker room incident. However, I thought that it was a very clever way to allow Lily and her family to say goodbye properly. 

The plot was tight and made sense however it felt a little like the end just appeared out of nowhere. I guess because I just wanted this book to continue. 

This book certainly gets you in the feels. 


Name: Sunflowers in February*

Author(s): Phyllida Shrimpton

Publisher: Hot Key

Pages: 374

ISBN: 978-1-4714-0688-1

Rating: 4/5

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