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Sunburn by Laura Lippman

August 6, 2018

I'm going to preface this review by saying, I do not like crime novels, thrillers anything like that. I get bored, so easily. But I love crime drama tv shows.

So, going into Sunburn I wasn't all that excited, I thought I'd give it a ago. It's been given rave reviews but I was not expecting to enjoy it.

Oh my god I was so wrong. I was hooked from the off and hated having at put it down but at the same time didn't want to race through it. You never knew what was truly going on because every single character kept so many secrets from each other and by extension the reader. All the characters are relatively normal appearance wise but they have a charisma that acts like a gravitational pull. It's the most bizarre thing but there are people like that! I've met them, where they just charm their way through life. It's mildly terrifying to be honest.

My only gripe with this book? The ending. It was just a bit meh. I had no real feeling towards it when I feel like I should've been an absolute mess. However, it's well worth a read. Definitely a book you get addicted to without realising.


Name: Sunburn

Author(s): Laura Lippman

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Pages: 290

ISBN: 978-0-571-33567-1

Rating: 3/5

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