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Shutter Volume One

September 13, 2017

The opening of this graphic novel was incredible -  I mean the entire thing was but I particularly loved the start. We meet the main character, Kate as a seven year old girl, on an exploration of the moon with her father. It's a short flashback scene but you really get to see the bond between the two of them. As the main storyline begins Kate is ten years older and a very bitter young adult. The entire plot is essentially her being hunted for who she is - the daughter of a famous adventurer...and for being an adventurer herself. 

When I read this it shot to the top of my favourite graphic novels list and is one I consistently recommend to people. The plot was incredibly easy to follow and had a few wonderful twists and turns that I never anticipated. Each character, even the ones with limited page time were well developed. My particular favourites (aside from Kate) were Alain, Harrington and The General. Alain was such a cool character, her friendship with Kate was a joy to read. The trans representation in this graphic novel was wonderful - Alain is brilliant for many reasons but knowing this made my heart happy. 

The entire series is set on an Earth similar to ours, yet completely different. There are bi-pedal animals that can talk and some wear suits...its simply fantastic. Previously I read a graphic novel called Autumnlands with a similar race of animals and it was incredibly confusing and seemed very haphazard. Shutter somehow has managed to make this race of humanoid animals integral to the story without ever mentioning how or why they exist. 

I'm incredibly excited to read the next volumes of this series. 


Name: Shutter Volume One

Author(s): Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni, Ed Brisson

Publisher: Image

Pages: 136

ISBN: 978-1-63215-145-2

Rating: 4/5

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