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Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

December 11, 2017

I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. It's very similar in style and also content to Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber. Fair warning like The Bloody Chamber this book is laden with violence, graphic sex and sexual violence. From a literary standpoint however it's phenomenal. Split between the 17th Century and 20th Century Sexing the Cherry follows Dog-Lady a grotesque giantess and her adoptive son Jordan. It's incredibly difficult to pick out what time the characters are in at any one point. But being a post-modern novel the idea of time and how it works is often played with, destroyed. In this novel it's utterly decimated. But thats the point. 

I loved how fragmented this story was. It could've been a collection of short stories looking back. My favourite section without question was the Twelve Dancing Princesses. We learned how each sister after being married off got her happy ended...though not with her husband. Their story usually ended in their husbands being killed or mutilated in some way. Simply, lovely. 

There was an awful lot pf intertextuality but often the stories mentioned were warped in some way to fit the theme of Sexing the Cherry. The myth of Artemis and Orion was changed to be a story of violence and revenge. The story of Rapunzel was morphed into one where the tower was her solace and the 'Prince' didn't come to rescue her but torture her and her lover. 

If you aren't horrified by the kind of content I hinted at then I highly recommend this.At the very least its a book you can tick off your literary bucket list. 


Name: Sexing the Cherry

Author(s): Jeanette Winterson

Publisher: Vintage Books

Pages: 169

ISBN: 978-0-09959-817-6

Rating: 4/5

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