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Seraph of the End Volume Eleven

July 21, 2019

I'm continuously baffled by how much story and action is packed into these super short little manga volumes. Seraph of the End remains one of my favourite and the most surprising series I've ever read. I binge-read a few volumes before I came on holiday and as per usual I loved them.

This is an ongoing series so this review is likely to contain spoilers for the previous volumes and of course the current one I'm writing about.

Final spoiler warning!!!

So this volume starts out exactly where the previous one finished, as do all the manga in this series. Mika is on the brink of death as he'd refused to drink human blood. Only through Yu offering up his own was Mika saved, but he became a full-fledged vampire as a result. I love the bond that these two have and how its shown not only through current events but also in the flashbacks and stories they reveal from their childhood together. I'm interested to see how that bond will change now that Mika is a vampire.

GurenĀ has been captured and is trying to lead the vampires into a trap set by Kureto involving the Seraph of the Ends. Guren has been an enigma from the start of the series. You can never quite understand his motivations for doing something but he always seems to have a good reason for them. Even if they're a little unethical.

I'm slowly catching up with this series and I love it!


Name: Seraph of the End Volume Eleven

Author(s): Takaya Kagami

Publisher: Viz Media

Pages: 212

ISBN: 978-1-4215-9133-9

Rating: 5/5

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