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Seraph of the End Volume Eighteen

March 25, 2020
Seraph of the End Volume Eighteen

This is an ongoing series so this review is likely to contain spoilers for the previous volumes and of course the current one I'm writing about.

Final warning!!

This volume picked up exactly where the last one left off. We're with the group in the heart of enemy territory and come face to face with Kureto Hiragi. One of the main antagonists from the series and if I'm remembering right one of the characters that betrayed Yu, Guren and everyone.

We're getting more and more back story to some of the secondary characters too. In the last volume Krul and Asuramaru, this time with Shinoa again but also Mitsuba. Her sister is not nice....neither are the Hiragis. Shinoa's demon also commented upon how he knew Yu and Asuramaru. It makes me think that Yu has been around a lot longer than he can remember. In the flashback, Krul and Ashera (Asuramaru) always looked so close. It makes me wonder about what's going to happen when she realises where is.

The ending! My god the ending. Shinoa sacrificed herself to save Yu and Asuramaru from her demon. In the process, he finally got a hold of her and she awoke a vampire!

I need the next volume. NOW.


Name: Seraph of the End Volume Eighteen

Author: Takaya Kagami

Publisher: Viz Media

Pages: 184

ISBN: 978-1-9747-1065-2

Rating: 5/5

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