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September Book and Nook

November 4, 2017

September was the month of firsts, first subscription boxes at least. This time I picked up the Book and Nook To Whatever End box. I've always loved candles and I adore the Throne of Glass could I not love this? Before picking up this box I'd only ever tried Meraki Candles and recently in the Fairy Loot September box (unboxing here) we received a sampler candle from In the Wick of Time

To start with we received a bookmark with what looks like a Terrasen Stag on one side and the quote "The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers" which is one of my favourites. Then we also received a tin with the same stag on it and that was filled with art supplies. There was ribbon, twine, labels and all sorts. Not entirely sure how it's considered bookish but I love ribbon so I'm fine with it!  

Onto the candles and I had to show my favourite one first. This candle is titled Fleetfoot with the scent of Pineapple, Pear and Chocolate. Each different scent comes through so well, it's simply delicious. I'd love to have this in a full size! 

Next we have Witchling that smells of Patchouli, Gardenia and Snow. This one I can't explain, it's both fresh and clean but also deep and musky. From the scents I think its the combination of the Patchouli and Gardenia, nevertheless it smells incredible and I love the glitter on this one!

Rattle the Stars, probably one of the most iconic quotes from the series. This is such a citrusy smell, its notes are Starlight, Dark nights and Basil. Now I have no idea what Starlight and Dark nights are meant to smell like but I really like it! 

Then we have Wyrdmagic, the candle that has my favourite label. I adore the colour combination on the cap. This candle smells like an attractive man, Cedarwood, Musk and Magic (Rowan that you?) This is going to be one of my favourite scents of autumn....but I don't want to burn this! 

Finally, we have Torre Cesme that smells of Pomegranate, Citrus and Healing. It smells like floor wipes but I love it. It's wonderfully clean and fresh. 

So as you can tell I was a big fan of this box. So much so that I've already ordered the November Box (Nights at the Circus) and the December Box (Christmas at Hogwarts.) If you haven't tried a bookish candle box I highly recommend Book and Nook. Their boxes are £19.99 and you receive 5 4oz candles, a bookmark and another bookish item. Their 4.5oz candles are £6 each! How can you say no?

Have you tried any bookish candle boxes or candles? 

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 


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