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November 14, 2020
Scar Tissue* by Ollie Ollerton

Firstly, a huge thank you to Tracy and the Compulsive Readers team for having me on this blog tour.

Scar Tissue* sits in a genre firmly out of my comfort zone, it's only recently I've started to dip my toe into the crime/thriller world. Prior to this, I'd been fantasy, sci-fi and literary fiction. I can say I've truly enjoyed my experiences in this new genre so far.

It's clear from the offset that Ollerton knows what he's talking about. The ease with which he blends the factual side of the military with fiction is brilliant. It never felt as though the information was dumped in without cause when a piece of tack or some kind of jargon was included it was there to serve a purpose, to further the reader's understanding of the world they're in. I learnt an awful lot from this approach too. Then when you move into the fictional side of his writing it feels real. The concept of 'The Circuit' was one of my favourite parts of the book and how interconnected everyone within this sector is. In particular, though it's a very minor detail the capitalisation alone gave it real authority.

Whilst I really felt for Abbott he was at times a very difficult character to like, though I do suppose that's part of the idea. He describes himself as unable to really form at attachment without having had a drink. Even then it's only the illusion of one. I enjoyed his interactions with Cuckoo/Alan in particular. Their dynamic, outside of the current situation, was one you can imagine. The ex and new stepdad being at odds, but their slowly growing respect for one another was lovely. Operative and researcher, however, is a little more outside the realms of possibility, entertaining though it was.

Where the true strength of their book lies is with its plot. I didn't for a second guess that the events that caused Abbott to leave Baghdad would also be, in the end, part of his return. The twists and turns I thought were fantastic. The number of people after Abbott as well gave me a real James Bond-esque feel. Minus the suits and martinis of course. More cargo pants and red wine.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.


Name: Scar Tissue*

Author(s): Ollie Ollerton

Publisher: Blink

Pages: 323

ISBN: 978-1-78870-380-2

Rating: 4/5

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